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Letters to Editors and Others

Below you will find letters to editors of U.S. and international publications, as well as to government and other officials, on issues pertaining to Israel and the Middle East. If you have letters, published or not, that you believe would interest our supporters, please send them by email to or fax to (415) 356-7804 or mail to FLAME, P.O. Box 590359, San Francisco, CA 94159-0381. To view a letter, please click on its title.

09/23/05: Letter to The Nation: Why does the left oppose Israel?

09/20/05: Letter to J (the Jewish newspaper of Northern California): Egypt to guard Gaza’s borders?

08/18/05: Letter to Washington Report on Middle East Affairs: Obsession with USS Liberty incident

10/18/04: Letter to the NYT: No One-State Solution

09/03/04: Letter to Presbyterian Church Leaders

08/17/04: Letter to the editor of J" (the Jewish newspaper of Northern California)

03/25/04: Washington Report on Middle East Affairs: Letter from Gerardo Joffe

04/03/03: Rev. Barbara Litchfield: Letter to Gerardo Joffe

10/01/02: New York Times: The Scurrilous Writing of David Grossman

09/19/02: San Francisco Chronicle: Re: "Israel Buffets an American"

07/26/02: Jewish Bulletin: Should Ariel Sharon show more "restraint"?

07/15/02: Ministerpräsident Dr. Edmund Stoiber: case of Dr. Hans-Joachim Sewering

07/11/02: Senator Dianne Feinstein: Arab Students

06/25/02: Washington Report on Middle East Affairs: USS LIBERTY incident

06/03/02: Jewish Bulletin: Shammai Leibowitz

03/19/02: Wall Street Journal: Israel Held to Double Standard?

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