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Letter to Gerardo Joffe:

April 3, 2003

Dear Mr. Joffe:

I have just finished reading your book "Weaned on Carrot Juice" and enjoyed it immensely. I had only known you through your work with FLAME when you so graciously allowed me to use some of your FLAME articles in my book "Israel My Love."

I had no idea that you had such an interesting life — including your going in and out of business and your legal hassles. It was good to read about your loving stable marriage that has endured for many years. It must have been difficult to write about Michael with such frankness and openness.

I also wanted to let you known that there are some Christians who not only love Israel and the Jewish people, but there are some that G-d has impressed to look into the early history of Christianity. During the first 300+ years, Christianity was a "Jewish thing." They met on Shabbat, often in synagogues or homes. Christians have only been keeping nine commandments since 325 CE when the Roman King Constantine changed it to Sunday. My husband and I began keeping Shabbat for starters. Then G-d started dealing with us about our diets, first by getting us off shell fish…New we keep as Biblically kosher as we can. (There are no kosher meat markets in our state.)

Christians wear bracelets that say WWJD (what would Jesus do?). With this in mind, G-d had us go over scripture and we discovered that Jesus kept all the Jewish holidays, including Hannakkah!! Now we do the same, to the best of our ability.

Most people think we are a little strange, but we want above all, to do what is pleasing to G-d. We have been really blessed as we have obeyed G-d and not followed man’s ways.

May G-d continue to richly bless you as you continue to get out the truth about Israel.

His servant,

Rev. Barbara Litchfield


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