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Letter of concern to
Ministerpräsident Dr. Edmund Stoiber:

July 15, 2002

Dear Ministerpräsident:

I have been following with great interest and much concern the case of Dr. Hans-Joachim Sewering who, as I am sure you know, is guilty of the most egregious and criminal mal-practice imaginable.

He committed these crimes, for which there are many eyewitnesses, during the Nazi period. His principal crime was the transfer of 900 German-Catholic children from Schoenbrunn Sanatorium to a "Healing Center" at Eglfing-Haar, where they died.

Dr. Ministerpräsident, German honor and your personal honor, I am sure, demand a successful prosecution and conviction of Dr. Sewering for the unspeakable crimes against humanity that he has perpetrated.

I shall be grateful, and I am sure so will be countless others, for your using the powers of your office to bring this vile criminal to justice, regardless of his age.

Thank you for your consideration, and sincerely yours,

Gerardo Joffe


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