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FLAME’s Financial Statements

Uniquely among Jewish philanthropic organizations FLAME publishes its financial statements and makes them freely available to donors and others. We have, since the beginning of this organization in 1985, not paid any executive salaries. Other professional services are provided without charge, as is clear from the statements.

Also, in contrast to other philanthropies, Jewish or secular, our expenses are kept to a very minimum. A very large percentage of all donations goes directly to the good cause. Herewith a listing of our most recent financial statements.

Click on the pertinent link below to view the financial statement for the year you want to see:

Charity Navigator 4-Star Rating

2010 Financial Statement

2009 Financial Statement

2007 Financial Statement

2006 Financial Statement

2005 Financial Statement

2004 Financial Statement

2003 Financial Statement

2002 Financial Statement

2001 Financial Statement

2000 Financial Statement

1999 Financial Statement


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