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Letter to the NYT: No One-State Solution:

Having been unable to vanquish the Jewish state by force or arms and even by their increasing propaganda efforts, which attempt to turn black to white and white to black, the Arabs have come up with the notion of forgoing their dream of a separate state, opting instead to create “one state for two peoples.” The New York Times — always on the forefront of anti-Israel opinions and editorials — has published an op-ed piece by one Michael Tarazi (“legal advisor to the Palestinian Liberation Organization”), in which he proposes just such as “solution,” to the Arab/Israel conflict. But, of course, that wouldn’t be any solution at all. It would be the destruction of the Jewish state — just what the creators of this ludicrous idea have in mind. We directed the following letter to The New York Times.

October 18, 2004

Dear Editor:

In his essay “Two Peoples’ One State,” Michael Tarazi (“legal advisor to the Palestinian Liberation Organization”) cynically proposes the “one-state solution,” by which Jews and Arabs are supposed to live peacefully together in a shared commonwealth. It is just another plan to vanquish the Jews and to drive them into the sea.

What almost 100 years of terror and four major wars have been unable to accomplish should now be brought about by “the power of the Arab womb,” as Arafat has so repeatedly proposed. Obviously, the Israelis will never accept the destruction of their state by welcoming in their midst four or five million Arabs, whose only goal in life seems to be the killing of Jews. These people are total primitives, especially compared to the Jewish Israelis, who, socially and economically and in almost every field of endeavor, stand on the forefront of human accomplishment.

And if nothing else, the example of Lebanon, which was devastated by many years of civil war between its Christians and Moslems and which is now essentially a protectorate of Syria, would be an example that Israelis would not wish to emulate, even if for no other reason.

Mr. Tarazi cynically and repeatedly invokes the Christian Arabs, together with the Moslems. But the reality is that the Christian Palestinians want nothing to do with the intifada and with any plans that would put them under the control of the Moslems. They have in mind the fate of the Maronites in Lebanon, of the Copts in Egypt, and most gruesomely, that of the Christian blacks in Sudan, where by now hundreds of thousands have been killed by their Moslem brethren, with whom they have the bad fortune of living in the same state. One state for two peoples didn’t work in Lebanon or in Bosnia or Kosovo, and it surely is not working in Sudan. It certainly would never work in Israel, and the trial balloon of having it considered should be shot down right awayion.


Gerardo Joffe, President


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