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Facts and Logic About
the Middle East
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FLAME ads communicate the facts about Israel and its enemies to millions of Americans. Below you’ll find examples of messages FLAME has published nationally and internationally in recent months.

BDS, Academic Freedom and Anti-Semitism
Academic boycotts of Israel advocated by BDS supporters not only strangle free expression, they also deny Jewish self-determination.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions-sponsored boycotts of Israeli academic institutions tarnish the integrity of any school that stands for academic freedom—the open-minded, tolerant exchange of ideas. Worse, BDS couches its arguments against Israel in half-truths and lies meant to delegitimize the Jewish state.
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Mr. President, Stop the Iran Deal Now!
Iran is the world’s leading exporter of Islamic terror and our greatest enemy. Your deal fails to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. It’s time for a reset.

Iran’s constitution commands it to conquer the world through Islamic jihad, and Iran increases its bloody Middle East conquests daily. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei regularly leads chants of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” Can we afford an agreement that actually paves the way for a nuclear-armed Iran?
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Can the U.S.—Can the World— Afford a Palestinian State?
The Middle East is in chaos: Islamists are waging bloody jihad—and winning—and Palestinian society is collapsing. Is now the time for a Palestinian state?

While the Middle East is being overrun by Islamic terror groups, and Palestinian political factions are verging on civil war, some world leaders now propose forced peace talks with Israel, guaranteeing the Palestinians a state. Can we really afford a Palestinian state ripe for takeover by terrorists?
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Why Is Israel-Beleaguered on All Sides-One of the Happiest Nations on Earth?


An Urgent Letter
from FLAME President,
Gerardo Joffe


March, 2015

Dear Friend of Israel, dear Friend of FLAME:

Do you get as upset as I do when the media beat up on Israel---as they do so often these days? Let me update you on the terrible treatment Israel’s been getting in the press lately, but also share some inspiring efforts to fight back.

First let me quickly put Israel’s story in the context of the horrific threats facing the Jewish state---right in her own backyard.

As you know, Israel is on the front lines of the war against global jihad---surrounded by some of the world’s most bloodthirsty terror groups.

Iran-sponsored Hizbollah just killed two more Israeli soldiers on her northwest border with Lebanon. The cruel, murderous Islamic State, as well as al Qaeda, are rampaging---gaining ground---in Syria to Israel’s north and in Iraq to the West. Hamas terrorists in Gaza, just a few miles south of Tel Aviv---who have launched 15,000 rockets at Israeli civilians---are now...

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