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Letter to the Editor of “J” (The Jewish Newspaper of Northern California):

Among the many burdens we have to bear are that certain of our fellow Jews take actions that are contrary to the best interests of Israel.

Until now, such actions were primarily centered on leftist universities, often promoted by Jewish professors. It is almost unbelievable, however, that the Jewish organization of which most of us are members or participants, the Union for Reform Judaism, would urge the President and the Secretary of State to press Israel to make further concessions to the Arabs, and to urge Congress to take a less Israel-friendly attitude.

The letter that follows addresses this important point:

August 17, 2002

Dear Editor:

You are of course aware that the Presbyterian Church has decided to divest itself of investments of all companies that do any business with Israel. That is a hateful and unprecedented act. We have come to expect such hostile resolutions from leftist universities, more often than not, sad to say, instigated by renegade Jewish professors.

But now comes the Jewish Reform movement, which has passed a sweeping resolution urging the President and the Secretary of State to make a “vigorous effort” to bring the Israelis and Palestinians back to the conference table. The leaders of this movement are Rabbis Yoffie and Saperstein, who have also criticized Congress for passing pro-Israel resolutions.

Both of those holy men, self-appointed as representatives of American Jews, do not seem to understand that “negotiations” with and “appeasement” of the Arabs are pointless. Regardless of what Israel may do to appease them, nothing will persuade the Arabs to make peace, not to kill the Jews, and not to attempt to destroy Israel. That our “leaders” don’t recognize that and that they would ask Congress to adapt a less friendly attitude toward Israel boggles the mind. Do those people live on the Moon?


Gerardo Joffe, President


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