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 “Those who peddle anti-Semitism under the guise of anti-Israelism . . . better think again. There will be no second Holocaust — NEVER AGAIN!”

The Holocaust: Sixty Years Later
Has the spirit of Auschwitz been revived?

Sixty years ago, the death camp of Auschwitz was liberated. That cursed place has come to symbolize the horror of the Holocaust. Best estimates are that in Auschwitz-Birkenau alone, over 1.5 million people, most of them Jews from many countries of Europe, were killed and burned. The resolve was “Never Again.” But has the spirit of Auschwitz really died?

What are the facts?

Blood libel revisited: In medicine, certain diseases are believed to have been eradicated, but occasionally — decades later — some of them return, often with renewed savagery. The world thought that anti-Semitism, the horrible disease that had unleashed the Holocaust and its six million Jewish victims, had been overcome once and for all. But the virus of hatred that demonized Jews and that herded them to their deaths has revived and is again in full flourish.

Since the Holocaust and since the defeat of the Nazis, it is no longer acceptable openly to proclaim Jew-hatred — except in the Moslem countries. Print and broadcast media in virtually all Moslem countries convey the meanest anti-Semitic propaganda, in the same vein as that of the Nazis. Blood libel, the scandalous slander that Jews use the blood of Christians or Moslems for ritual purposes, mostly to bake their matzot, is circulating freely and widely believed. The Czarist forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is now a best seller in virtually all Moslem countries. And so is Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

But in the “civilized” countries of Europe, anti-Semitism is disguised as the socially acceptable enmity toward Israel, the state of the Jews. Over 60 per cent of those polled in Europe assert that Israel is the greatest danger to the peace of the world (barely edging out the United States). The French ambassador to Great Britain referred to Israel as “that sh..ty little country” being the source of all the troubles of the world. Was he disciplined or removed by his government for this obscene outburst? Of course not!

Spirit of genocide: The Auschwitz spirit of 65 years ago that unleashed genocide in Europe did not perish with the Nazis. It is alive and well in many parts of the world, in which Adolf Hitler is still a hero. By now, most European nations — prominently France, Belgium, the Netherlands, but also Britain, Germany and the Scandinavian countries — have substantial Moslem populations. The goal of virtually all of them is the destruction of Israel. In that, they find a receptive audience in much of the European public, a public whose grandfathers were the perpetrator generation that killed six million Jews.

Can the barely disguised enmity toward Israel be explained by anything other than anti-Semitism? There are the crocodile tears over the alleged “occupation of Arab land” by the Israelis, the alleged mistreatment of the Arabs by the “brutal Israeli occupiers,” the “cycle of violence,” and the building of a fence to defend against marauding suicide bombers. But all that is hypocrisy, of course, a pretext to rationalize anti-Semitism.

The Europeans don’t care about the more than a million blacks who were killed and continue to be killed in the Congo, the hundreds of thousands that were killed in Uganda and in Rwanda, the over two million farmers who were driven off their land in Darfur province in Sudan, and the hundred thousand killed by their Arab fellow citizens. No, it’s only Israel that captures the attention of the world and of the United Nations, in which the vast majority of its Resolutions deal with the purported misdeeds of Israel.

Most of the world stands by as the Moslems, already armed to the teeth with the most advanced weapons, feverishly pursue the holy grail of nuclear armaments. Those weapons — freely conceded (at least in the case of Iran) have one purpose only, namely the destruction of Israel. The nations of Europe stand by, some of them secretly hoping perhaps that Israel, that sh..ty little country, will indeed be wiped from the face of the earth. Having committed the first Holocaust, or at least having stood by mostly approvingly, they now countenance with equanimity a second Holocaust, just as long as somebody else does the dirty work. Israel is aware that its days would be numbered if any of its mortal enemies were to acquire nuclear weapons. Two or three such weapons, placed on the narrow coastal corridor of the country, would be the end of the Jewish state. But Israel will not allow that to happen. It is not going to sacrifice itself on the altar of world opinion. If Iran isn’t stopped from acquiring nuclear weapons, there can be little question that, with or without the approval of the United States, Israel would have to preempt and, just as it destroyed the Osirak nuclear plant of Iraq in 1981, would destroy the Iranian nuclear installations — by whatever means it might take. This could quickly escalate to engulf and bring destruction to much of the Middle East. Those who peddle anti-Semitism under the guise of anti-Israelism and those who advocate to dismember Israel and fatally weaken it so as to make it defenseless, better think again. There will be no second Holocaust — NEVER AGAIN!.

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