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      “House Majority leader Tom DeLay put it
well when he said, ‘I can’t imagine this president supporting a state of terrorists…
The peace plan is a road map to destruction.’”

An Independent Palestinian State:
Would it be a peaceful neighbor of Israel or would it lead to war?

President Bush, prodded by the “international community” and in order to appease the Arabs, who are furious about our war against Iraq, has designed a “Road Map” for the Middle East, aided by the “quartet” of the U.N., the European Union and Russia. At the end of that road, presumably in 2005, an independent Palestinian state would arise as a peaceful neighbor of Israel.”

What are the facts?

An aura of inevitability. The concept of a Palestinian state, which has by now acquired an aura of almost inevitability, is a fairly new and quite unjustified one. It is unjustified because there are no distinct “Palestinian” people — they are the same Arabs as those of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. The concept of a Palestinian state came about after the Six-Day War in 1967. It is the product of unrelenting Arab propaganda and insistence. A Palestinian state never occurred to the Ottomans who ruled the area until their defeat in World War I, nor to the British when they had the mandate over Palestine until 1948, nor to the Jordanians who ruled the “West Bank” from 1948 to 1967. George Bush (father) declared “…In accordance with U.S. traditional policy, we do not support the creation of an independent Palestinian state.” It is therefore difficult to understand why his son, our current president, would declare that it was “…a vision of longstanding U.S. policy to create a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River.”

The thought that a Palestinian state next to Israel would be a peaceful neighbor is ludicrous. The stated purpose of the Arabs, endlessly repeated and never excised from their “covenant,” is to acquire whatever territory they can, in order to use it as a base for the final assault against the Jewish state and for the hoped-for extinction of the hated “Zionist entity” once and for all. Even ten years after the ballyhooed Oslo Accord, the Palestinian Arabs still proclaim that “Palestine” would extend “from the river to the sea,” which means that Israel would cease to exist, would be destroyed and absorbed by the new “Palestine.” The State of Israel does not exist in Palestinian or any other Arab school books or on their maps. Tel Aviv does not exist. The Jewish holy places do not exist. The “West Bank” and Gaza are only the first step. They want it all!

“Palestine” demilitarized? Many, even those who concede the unrelenting hostility of the Arabs, contend that Israel would be in no existential danger from a Palestinian state because it could be made a condition of its creation that it be demilitarized, for a number of years or perhaps even forever. But those who propose that, know better, of course. Even today, as the Palestinians are under the severe weapons restrictions that they accepted in the Oslo Accord which allowed only a police force with light weapons, they have artillery, rockets, missiles and all kinds of heavy weaponry that they have smuggled into their territory. A ship laden with 50 tons of deadly weapons was intercepted by Israel in the Red Sea. Many shipments of arms have been intercepted in the Mediterranean; and there is a steady influx of arms through secret tunnels from the Sinai, which, in quest of peace, Israel has foolishly ceded to Egypt.

But the heavy weapons that “Palestine” would inevitably acquire, despite all solemn covenants to the contrary, aren’t really necessary. With an independent Palestine in control of the Judean ridges, and with Israel only nine miles wide at what would be its narrow waist, heavy weapons would not be required to make life impossible in the truncated and mortally vulnerable Jewish state. Katyusha rockets, one of the Arabs’ favorite weapons, would cover virtually all of Israel — impeding civilian life, industry, civil and military aviation, and, in case it came to that, mobilization of troops. The one million Arabs living in Israel as Israeli citizens would be a convenient and deadly fifth column, ready to spring into action. Israel would, of course, respond to any such attack. That would inevitably result in a major war, a war that would ultimately set the entire region on fire and would undoubtedly involve weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear ones. How can the world, how can the United States possibly promote such a project—a project likely to bring untold disaster to the world?

The Arab world is presently comprised of twenty-two states of nearly five million square miles and of one hundred forty-four million people. The greater Islamic world contains forty-four states with one billion people. Israel, with five million people, is smaller than Lake Michigan, smaller by half than San Bernardino County in California. There seems to be no need for another Moslem/Arab state, especially one that would certainly serve as an advance base for the ultimate destruction of Israel, the state of the Jews. How the President would promote the creation of a terrorist state, a state that without question would become a mortal enemy of the United States, and how he would countenance the inevitable destruction of the Jewish state, the only loyal ally of the United States and its only strategic asset in the area, is incomprehensible. House majority leader Tom DeLay put it well when he said, “I can’t imagine this president supporting a state of terrorists… The peace plan is a road map to destruction.”.

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Gerardo Joffe, President

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