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      “The solution: Total autonomy for Israel’s Arab minority, within Israel, the Jewish State — a reward to which so many minorities in the world have aspired, but which has been granted to only a very few.”

The “Road Map:”
Will it lead to peace or to devastating war?

The United States, the United Nations, the European Union, and Russia – labeled, collectively, the “Quartet” – have devised a plan called the “Road Map.” The Road Map attempts to bring about peace in Israel/Palestine over a three-year period. At the end of that period, the emergence of a Palestinian state is envisioned, a state that is expected to live alongside of Israel in “peace and security.”

What are the facts?

Unfriendly promoters. Of the four promoters of the Road Map, only one — the United States — can be considered friendly to and supportive of Israel. In the European Union, the centuries-old virus of anti-Semitism has again reared its ugly head, now disguised as anti-Israelism or anti-Zionism. Russia has always been hostile to Israel and has been an enthusiastic supplier of weapons to the enemies of the Jewish State since its creation. The UN seems to take up most of its time in condemnation of Israel and in discriminating against it, to such an extent that Israel is the only country that is ineligible to become a member of the Security Council.

It is likely, therefore, that the interests of three of the four designers of the Road Map are not in promoting peace, but, hypocritically, rather in the destruction of Israel or at least in its not surviving as a Jewish State.

Palestinian State: a new and unwarranted idea. The idea that the so-called “Palestinians” should have their own state has now been accepted as a just and desirable goal by most of the world. Sad to say, our own president has bought into this concept. One must regretfully assume that he did so mostly in order to appease our “Arab friends,” who are outraged about our waging war against Iraq. It buys into the myth that the Israeli-Arab dispute is at the heart of the endemic conflicts in the area and that forcing Israel to “take risks for peace” is a means of assuaging Arab humiliation. But should the safety of Israel, America’s only true and reliable ally in that part of the world, be jeopardized or sacrificed on the illusive altar of “Arab friendship?” A Palestinian state did not occur to anybody (even to the “Palestinians” themselves), when the Ottomans were the rulers in the land, when Great Britain had the Palestine Mandate, or when Jordan was in occupation of the “West Bank” for nineteen years after Israel’s War of Independence in 1948. The concept of a Palestinian state did not arise until after the Six-Day War of 1967, in which Israel was victorious, wrested the “West Bank” from Jordan, the Gaza Strip from Egypt, and has been in administration of those territories since. Israel is a tiny country, a sliver on the Mediterranean coast. It is even now in a strategically almost impossible position. Without the “depth” of Judea/Samaria (the “West Bank”) and without full control of the Jordan Valley it would be utterly indefensible. Israeli generals know that and American generals know that. And, of course, Arab generals know that also. But Israel needs to be able to defend itself, because all of its immediate neighbors — Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon — no matter what they may be saying for public consumption, have only one primary military and foreign policy objective and that is to destroy Israel, to drive the hated Jews into the sea, and to finish what they call the “Zionist Enterprise” once and for all. To believe that the “Palestinians,” once they had their own state, would be peaceful neighbors of a truncated and mortally vulnerable Israel or that the other Arabs states and Iran would turn from wolves to lambs is to either engage in wishful thinking or quite deliberately be co-conspirators in the eventual destruction of the Jewish State.

The Road Map will inevitably go the way that other previous “peace plans” have gone — all of which demanded “sacrifices for peace” from Israel, yielding large chunks of territory for only empty words from the Arabs. But even if Israel, tired from decades of bloodletting and under unbearable pressure from the “international community,” would acquiesce to such a suicidal path, the “Palestinians” would not allow it to happen. Their hatred of the Jews and the inculcation of their children to die as martyrs are such that they would be unable and unwilling to stop the terror that they have visited upon the Holy Land. Another bloody war, rather than peace, is the likely outcome of the Road Map. What is the “solution” that so far has eluded everybody? It is what Israel has always been willing to grant: total autonomy for its Arab minority within Israel, the Jewish State. It is a reward to which so many minorities in the world have aspired, but which has been granted to only a very few.

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