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      “Israel’s only to assume its previous stance of unflinching deterrence...and not to be preempt resolutely if it appears necessary to assure survival of the country.”

The Unrelenting and Virulent Hatred of the Arabs
Will peace ever be possible under those conditions?

After more than sixty years of statehood, Israel is a lone outpost of Western civilization and its values. It is the staunchest ally of the United States in that part of the world – a bulwark of democracy. The Arab nations surrounding it are a swamp of terrorism, corruption, dictatorship, and human enslavement. But the hatred of the Arabs against Israel and against all Jews is so abiding and so virulent that peace, at least for the foreseeable future, seems unattainable and most unlikely.

What are the facts?

No “sacrifice” will overcome the hatred: There are those who still believe that the never-ending conflict between the Arabs and the Jews could be settled if the Israelis were willing to bring greater “sacrifices for peace.” Such “sacrifices” would include relinquishing ever-larger portions of their tiny country (less than half the size of San Bernardino County in California) to the Palestinians, dismantling the “settlements” in Judea/Samaria (the “West Bank”), handing the Golan Heights to Syria, and allowing the “return of the refugees,” a group that has grown miraculously from about 500,000 to somewhere around 5 million. The absorption of even a substantial fraction of them would signify the demographic end of the Jewish states.

Israel, ill-advisedly, vacated Gaza. It was rewarded with daily barrages of Qassam rockets. In the north, after Israel had abandoned its southern Lebanon buffer zone, Hizbollah (the “Army of God”) launched the second “Lebanon War.” It must now be clear to even the most confirmed “doves” that nothing that Israel could do, any further "sacrifice" that Israel would be prepared to bring, would satisfy the Arabs. The sad but irrefutable conclusion is that only the complete disappearance of Israel, the excision of this “cancer” could satisfy the Arabs and most of the Muslim world.

Mortal hatred and the “Big Lie.” The “Big Lie,” invented by the notorious Joseph Goebbels of Nazi infamy, is a mainstay of Arab hatred and propaganda. In Egypt and Jordan (the two Arab countries technically at peace with Israel), government-controlled news sources published that Israel had distributed drug-laced chewing gum and candy to kill children and to make women sexually corrupt. The Jews (Israelis) are being accused of having introduced foot-and-mouth disease in the Middle East. The age-old calumny of Jews using the blood of Christian and Muslim children in order to bake their Passover matzos is alive and well in Arab publications. Translations of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” are steady best-sellers in all Arab countries. Among other malevolent fabrications, it accuses “international Jewry” of “limitless ambition, inexhaustible greed, and hatred beyond imagination.” Schools, streets and plazas are named after notorious murderers of Jews.

In the controlled Arab press, Holocaust denial and accusation of the Zionists having been in cahoots with the German Nazis are regular features. Egypt’s government-sponsored Al Akhbar newspaper has expressed fervent thanks to Adolf Hitler for having taken advance revenge on the “vilest criminals on the face of the earth.” Still, it berated him for not having been thorough enough in his task of extermination. The Arabs do not consider Israel a normal country, but a creation of the devil, an excrescence, a malignant force of aggressors, murderers, infidels and barbarians. It should be destroyed, for the glory of God, no matter what sacrifices that might entail.

Mortal hatred against Israel and against the Jews is taught to Arab children from the very first grade. Children are encouraged to sacrifice themselves as martyrs and to become suicide bombers and human missiles, with promises that Paradise with unimaginable pleasures awaits those who sacrifice themselves in the holy cause of killing Jews.

This bottomless hatred, a hatred that pervades the Arab world in all strata of society and is incessantly fomented by Arab governments, including those supposed to be “at peace” with Israel, cannot be assuaged by negotiation or by making any further “sacrifices for peace.” Nothing will suffice, except the destruction of Israel. The Arab states, having been unable in over sixty years and in many wars to defeat and exterminate the Jews, are now feverishly arming themselves with “conventional weapons” (easily purchased from the West, including, sad to say, from the United States), and are ardently pursuing the development of weapons of mass annihilation. Just as the suicide bombers do not vacillate to sacrifice themselves, one can safely expect that, once in possession of such weapons, the Arabs will not hesitate to sacrifice millions of their own people in order to destroy Israel. Israel’s only course in the face of this almost certain prospect is to assume its previous stance of unflinching deterrence and, as it once did in the destruction of the Iraqi atomic reactor at Osirak in 1981, not to be inhibited by “international opinion” to preempt resolutely if it appears necessary to assure survival of the country.

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Gerardo Joffe, President

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