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  “The real cause of the never-ending turmoil in the Middle East is the unremitting desire of still most Muslim-Arab states to destroy Israel...”

Arab-Moslem Fanaticism and Intransigence
Are they the root cause of Mid-East turmoil?

For the last five decades, the world has been convinced, mostly because of unrelenting Arab propaganda, that the conflict between Israel and the "Palestinians" is the root cause of the constant turmoil in the Middle East and that Israel should make "concessions" to the Arabs. But is that the real reason for the turmoil and for the violent? Or is there another much deeper, more fundamental reason behind it?

What are the facts?

Islam's hatred against the West. Americans are reluctant to criticize or even to discuss the religions of others. We consider it a personal matter. But the hatred of the Muslim-Arab world against the West, especially against the United States (the “Great Satan”) and Israel (the “Little Satan”), can only be explained by comprehending the psychology and the principal religious tenets of Islam. Islam is a world-wide religion, but it originated in Arabia and it survives in Arabia in its purest form, unaffected by any outside influences. The policies of the Arab countries are dominated by Islam. Islam believes itself to be in possession of the holy truth, in the name of which any act of violence is permitted and encouraged. It is only with that understanding that the acts of savagery, the suicide bombers in Israel, the bombing of the World Trade Center, and other acts of murderous fanaticism all over the world can be explained.

Decline and rise of the Arab Muslims. For the first six centuries after the Muslims spilled forth from Arabia, they conquered much of the world. The Arab Muslims did in their ascendancy give rise to a substantial civilization. But, beginning with their expulsion from Spain, a long decline set in that lasted until the early 20th century. That decline was the more bitter, because it was inflicted by the despised “infidels.” It was something that had to be remedied by whatever means. Injured pride had to be salved; the enemies who caused this humiliation and this injury had to be destroyed.

The 20th century brought national independence to the Arab states. Two other fundamental events occurred: 1) The discovery of the world’s largest oil deposits under the Arabian peninsula, and 2) The creation, in 1948, of the state of Israel, which ever since its birth has been the concentrated focus of the hatred and venom of all Muslim Arabs, a hatred that unites them, that even surpasses their hatreds against each other, and that has launched them into five disastrous wars against Israel. Even the rape of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was explained as being a step towards the “liberation of Palestine,” a claim so bizarre, so patently absurd, that it can only be comprehended and given credence by a mind obsessed with the ideology of Arab Islam.

Moslem Arabs obsessed with Israel. The obsession of the Muslim Arabs with Israel is totally irrational. To have Israel as an independent country in the middle of the Arab-Muslim world is utterly intolerable to them. That is the reason that, making allowance for the very cold peace with Egypt and the more recently concluded peace with Jordan, the 21 Arab states, among them the richest countries in the world, with a combined population of more than 200 million and with a land area greater than that of the U.S., have concentrated obsessive ferocity by military, economic, ideological, political, diplomatic, and any other means to destroy the tiny Jewish community of Palestine, and its successor, the Jewish state of Israel—only 7 million people, in a country just one-half the size of San Bernardino County in California.

Acts of terror in the United States, Argentina, England, and Israel have sobered many who had believed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be the cause for the unrest in the Middle East. The fact is that war is endemic in the Arab world and that the Muslim Arabs have been waging war against each other and against their non-Arab neighbors for centuries. But, as much as the Muslim Arabs hate each other, most of them are united in their greater hatred against the “infidel Jews” and their tiny country, and they have built vast war machines for the ultimate “jihad” to nuke the Jews, to poison them by chemicals or biologicals, or to chase them into the sea. The focus on the Palestinian-Israel conflict plight is designed to divert attention from the many domestic and inter-Arab problems, and to direct the Muslim-Arab frustration against Israel, the “infidel Western outsider.” The suggestion that Israel divest itself from its historic heartland, the 2,362 sq. mi. “West Bank,” and from the Golan would lead to strategic suicide. The real cause of the never-ending turmoil in the Middle East is the unremitting desire of still most of the Arab-Muslim states to destroy Israel, their inability to come to terms with its very existence. That hatred and that intolerance are fueled by Arab-Muslim fanaticism and intransigence and unwillingness to accept diversity in the region. Only when that will be overcome can peace and tranquility finally come to the Middle East.

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