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Hussein and Arafat — Birds of a Feather
How they engineered the bloody events in Jerusalem.

On Monday, October 8, 1990, on the Jewish festival of Succoth, about 20,000 Jews assembled for prayer at theWestern Wall in Jerusalem, the holiest place in the Jewish religion. Two mosques are also located on Temple Mount, high above the Wall. Because of the indulgence and respect for other religions, the Israeli authorities allow them to operate freely and fully under the jurisdiction of Moslem religious authorities. Suddenly and without any provocation, whipped into a frenzy by their clerics, a raging mob of 4,000 Moslem Arabs stormed out of the mosques and loosed a barrage of rocks, bricks, and Molotov cocktails on the worshipping crowed below them. Twenty-eight people were severely injured. By miracle, nobody was killed. The mob then attacked the Israeli police post and set it afire. The police responded, first with tear gas and then rubber bullets. When those ran out and when 40 police were at the point of being lynched they opened fire with live ammunition. Twenty Arabs died and twenty martyrs were created.

What are the facts?

There is no question in anybody's mind that the bloody incident was engineered and organized by Saddam Hussein, the "Butcher of Baghdad," and Yasser Arafat, the master terrorist and "president" of the non-existent state of "Palestine." After virtually every Arab leader had turned against Hussein, Yasser Arafat remains steadfastly loyal to him. And why not? Both have the destruction of Israel at the very top of their agendas -- in fact Arafat has no other agenda; he surely doesn't care at all about the fate of Kuwait. The bloody incident on the Temple Mount served the purposes of both. They rightly expected that it would take, at least temporarily, the heat and the focus off Saddam Hussein and had the potential to weaken the tenuous common front between the United States and our new-found Arab "allies." As to Arafat, the incident was certain to put the "Palestinian problem," which because of the troubles in the Gulf had taken a back seat, once again into the spotlight. That twenty Palestinian Arabs had died was a small price to pay, because human life is cheap for both Hussein and Arafat. Naturally, they had hoped that a few hundred Jews would also die in that fusillade of rocks. But, by great good fortune, that turned out not to be.

One of Saddam Hussein's and Yasser Arafat's main themes is the linkage of any possible withdrawal from Kuwait and a demand for Israeli withdrawal from the "West Bank." This is a ludicrous proposal and, so far at least, most of the Western world has called it just that. If the world's minorities problems must be solved, why not address the "Irish question," which has been festering for centuries? Why not settle the age-old grievances of the Basques, those of the ethnic Albanians in Yugoslavia and, closest to home and right in Iraq, the justified despair of the Kurds, whose aspirations Saddam Hussein "solves" by poison gassing thousands, and by forcefully relocating the rest? Iraq has annexed Kuwait in an act of aggression motivated by greed. Israel came to administer (not to annex!) the "West Bank" and the Gaza strip as the result of its victory in the Six-Day War. Israel has always been ready to negotiate the ultimate status of these territories. It promised to do so in the Camp David Accords as the result of which it also returned the vast Sinai Peninsula to Egypt.

By his actions and by his statements, Yasser Arafat has clearly demonstrated that he is a bird of the same feather as Saddam Hussein. Arafat's immediate ambition is to shift the focus of interest from the Gulf to Israel, in order to gloss over the crimes of Hussein, to change the conflict of the World vs. Iraq into the conflict of the Arabs vs. Israel, and thus to break up the fragile coalition between the United States and its Arab "allies." The recent bloody incidents in Jerusalem were clearly provoked for that purpose by Arafat and the PLO, in connivance with Saddam Hussein. Regrettably, the United States in great haste, without even ascertaining the facts, and in order to curry favor with our new Arab "allies" (among them the murderous Syrians), introduced a resolution into the Security Council of the United Nations that condemned Israel's actions.

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