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June, 2011

Dear Friend of Israel, dear Friend of FLAME:

Momentous events are roiling the North African Arab countries. The "presidents"/tyrants of Tunisia and Egypt have been sent packing. The drama is still playing out in most of the rest of those countries. Moammar Gaddafi (Libya's hateful dictator and, we believe, a confirmed nut case) is fighting his own people with his military and has so far killed thousands. No end is in sight, though it is quite clear that in the unlikely case that Gaddafi has not been killed by his own minions, he will be exiled and disappear from the world's stage.

As of this writing, the situation in Syria is fluid. Bashar Assad, the second in a tyrannical dynastic line started by his father, has so far killed thousands of his own countrymen. In this he follows very much the practice of his bloodthirsty father, who, in one instance (in 1982) had about 20,000 restive Syrians in the city of Hama killed.

These important events are of interest to the world, which may even take sides in the conflict, just as our country and NATO have done in the case of Libya. But for Israel, these events are of vital and of existential importance. Israel is obviously particularly interested in and concerned with its immediate neighbors, Egypt and Syria. Mubarak, the dictator of Egypt, had his country in his unlimited power for almost 30 years. He is a rabid Jew hater and allowed the media in his country to publish the most dreadful and disparaging lies and defamations against Israel and against the Jews. But he did keep his adventurous military in check and scrupulously observed the peace treaty that his predecessor Anwar Sadat had concluded with Israel. That treaty was a terrific boon for Egypt, which got the return of the Sinai, with the oil/gas production that Israel had developed, and billions of dollars and the most advanced armaments from our country. Similarly with Syria: Assad is an even more determined hater of Israel and of the Jews than Mubarak. But he has also maintained the peace, though, with the help of Iran, he has lavishly armed Israel's most active enemies: Hamas and Hezbollah.

All of these fast-moving events deserve our constant scrutiny and attention. You may be assured that FLAME will, as always, be at the forefront of that scrutiny and will take appropriate action. We shall keep the American people informed as events develop. We will not drop the ball!

During all of this upheaval, the attacks on Israel never cease. If that proverbial man from Mars would come to visit and were to read the world press – assuredly with the laudable exception of U.S. media – he would have to conclude that Israel was the most aggressive, the most dangerous and the most vicious country in the world. American media, not least because of the monthly hasbarah (educating and clarifying) messages of FLAME, are fairly truthful and supportive of Jews and of Israel. Our job is to keep it that way. We are doing that by publishing our messages every month in major national media – magazines and newspapers. And we have done it for over 25 years. As you perhaps know, we also publish monthly in about 50 small-town newspapers all over the country and in a number of Jewish metropolitan newspapers. We also send these messages, with appropriate cover letters, to every member of Congress – Senators and Representatives. Those messages are well received.

Regrettably, as you probably know, our country's university campuses have become hotbeds of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activity. The hated DBS (Divestment Boycott Sanctions) movement has its origin on U.S. university campuses. Most regrettably, painfully and incomprehensibly, Jewish students and faculty (so-called "progressive intellectuals") play major roles in those hateful actions. That is almost unbelievable. But even in Israel itself, Jewish anti-Israel organizations (prominent among them B'tselem) spew their anti-Zionist poison. They are greatly funded by the Ford Foundation, by the New Israel Fund, and other such organizations. (That the Ford Foundation is prominent in anti-Israel propaganda must make Henry Ford, that old anti-Semite, laugh in his grave.)

FLAME resolutely and tirelessly counters those evil machinations and from the feedback that we get, with much success. Our messages are being read by between 5 to 10 million people every month. You have probably seen our messages in the many media in which we publish or you may have looked them up on our website ( But just in case they have not come to your attention, I refer you to two of our most recent important messages – our #123, "The Truth About the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement" and #125, "A Most Stalwart and Reliable Ally." Many Americans still believe that the relationship between our country and Israel is a one-way street. But that isn't so at all. Israel is very likely the most important ally our country has and assuredly the most reliable. It is very important that the American people are informed and be kept informed about that reality.

Finally, you may want to review our most recent financial statement. You will be pleasantly surprised by the taut ship we run. We work with minimum (part-time) staff, and don't pay and have never paid executive salaries. Our finances are transparent, and we believe that we are the only national Jewish organization that publishes its financials to its donors without being asked.

Charity Navigator, the country's most important arbiter of philanthropies and charities, has given us their highest (4-star!) rating for sound financial management four years in a row. Very few organizations achieve that rating for even one year.

You have the great satisfaction that the bulk of your contributions to FLAME goes directly to the good cause that we serve. We do not waste your good money in bloated salaries and in fancy offices.

We know that many demands are being made on you, by many important and worthy philanthropies and charities, and that you must be selective; you simply cannot contribute to all of them. But, please consider the importance of our work – there really is not any other organization in the United States that does what we do: makes a constant public relations effort on behalf of Israel and brings the truth about Israel and the Middle East to the American public.

Many of our most devoted supporters are of the Christian faith and that is very important and encouraging. The American people and the U.S. Congress are the most important friends that Israel has in the whole wide world. We must make every effort to keep it that way.

We know from the feedback that we get that we are really quite successful in what we are doing. We hope to be able to continue to do so and, with your generous help, to expand it. So, please open your heart and your credit card once more and send us as generous a donation as you can afford. Donate online here.

Many thanks, shalom, and with regards,

Gerardo Joffe, President

P.S.1: FLAME is, of course, a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Please donate now.

P.S.2: Please consider pledging a monthly amount for one year. It will help us in assuring continuity for publishing our important messages.

P.S.3: This may be a little intrusive perhaps, but please consider a gift of appreciated securities to FLAME. That has, as you of course know, many tax advantages. And, in order to ensure our continuity, please consider including us in your will.

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