Israel’s Settlements: Obstacle to Peace?

Arabs opposed the State of Israel before there were settlements—and oppose it still today. It’s time to clear up 5 false myths about settlements.

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Time is Ripe for Trump to Pull the U.S. Out of the Anti-Israel U.N. Human Rights Council

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It’s Time for the U.S. to Recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights

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U.S. Funds Palestinian Terrorism

Tens of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are spent annually to pay salaries to Palestinian terrorists who murder innocent civilians in Israel.

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Palestinian Genocide?

A Black Lives Matter platform accuses Israel of genocide. The assertion is false, it’s racist and it sabotages efforts to achieve justice for African-Americans.

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Are you tired of hearing that Israel doesn’t have good PR? Discover what some ardent supporters of Israel are doing about it.

December, 2015

Dear Friend of Israel, dear Friend of FLAME,

Because I know you care passionately about Israel, I want to update you on Israel’s unfair treatment by mainstream media in recent months, as well as bold efforts to combat Israel’s alleged “poor PR.”

But first, let me recap quickly the truly frightening situation in Israel right now.

As you know, ordinary Israelis have been victims of scores of brutal knife, stone, gun and car attacks mounted by Palestinian terrorists over the past several months. At least twenty innocent Jews have been murdered in cold blood, and hundreds more have been seriously injured.

Just imagine the horror if you lived in Israel right now—the threat of death or maiming to you and your loved ones every time you leave the house.

Even more chilling, these terror attacks are encouraged by incitement from Palestinian leaders, who