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Facts and Logic About
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FLAME ads communicate the facts about Israel and its enemies to millions of Americans. Below you’ll find examples of messages FLAME has published nationally and internationally in recent months.

Why Should the U.S. Fund the Palestinian Authority?
The Palestinians spurn peace talks with Israel and now plan to align with Hamas terrorists. Should we be sending them more than half a billion dollars a year?

Despite all efforts by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) has rejected U.S. diplomatic efforts and a negotiated peace with Israel by unilaterally signing on to 15 international agreements. Even more alarming, the P.A. just announced a merger with the Islamic terror group Hamas. Currently the U.S. sends some $440 million dollars annually in direct aid to the P.A., plus an additional $225 million in funding through the U.N. Is this the best use of American tax dollars?
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Iran, Nuclear Weapons and the “Interim Agreement”
Is this the time to relax or rather increase economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic?

Despite evasions, denials and equivocations, it is clear that Iran continues to pursue the holy grail of nuclear weapons. A temporary agreement recently struck between Iran and Western powers does nothing to disable Iran’s nuclear weapons development, yet it does loosen hard-won economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic. In fact, Iranian diplomats brag that the agreement fails to inhibit them in the least and that their nuclear program will not be stopped. Does it really make sense to relax pressure on Iran, or should the U.S. and Western powers line up additional sanctions should Iran fail to discontinue nuclear weapons development?
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Israeli Settlements:
Are They a Threat to Middle East Peace?

The Palestinians refuse to join peace talks unless Israel stops building in Jerusalem and parts of the West Bank. But who "owns"the West Bank? And are settlements really the problem?
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For many media, there's no moral clarity in the Israel-Hamas war— because they blatantly ignore the facts.  Please speak out!


An Urgent Letter
from FLAME President,
Gerardo Joffe

  April 1, 2013
Dear Friend of Israel, dear Friend of FLAME:

The American elections, which have occupied much of our national energy for over a year, are now behind us.  We hope that you are satisfied with the results.  Mr. Obama is going to be our president for another four years.  Regardless of our personal preference, we owe him our full support, of course.  I much regret the little tiff he had with Mr. Netanyahu.  Certainly, that is going to blow over because our two countries – the United States and Israel – are too important to each other to let anything interfere with the relationship.

The misnamed “Arab Spring” continues in full force.  Syria, of course, is in outright civil war, with no end in sight.  As a “diversion,” the Syrians lobbed mortar rounds into Israel to which Israel responded appropriately.  On the western border of Israel, there are the Gazans, in thrall with Hezbollah.  Their goal is not peace. Their only declared goal is the destruction of Israel …

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